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    white people are very brave when it comes to terrorizing black children who do not have the power to fight back. and are very surprise when someone comes to their defense.

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    This nigga really thought that he was brave for kicking a child. lol. White people, boy.

    That Punch Look Forceful

    Deserved it.

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    The first ever World Ballet Day will take place on Wednesday, October 1. This unprecedented collaboration will see five of the world’s leading ballet companies – The Australian BalletBolshoi BalletThe Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and San Francisco Ballet – presenting a live stream of rare behind-the-scenes action direct from their rehearsal studios.

    The National Ballet of Canada’s live stream will begin at 10:00 am EST with company class and continue with rehearsals of Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s dramatic masterwork, Manon, which opens the 2014/15 season at Toronto’s Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts on November 8, and John Neumeier’s transformative work, Nijinsky, which runs November 22—30.

    View the livestream at national.ballet.ca/worldballetday or visit our YouTube Channel on October 1 at 10:00 am.

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    School and Tumblr photoset

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    Student Suspended for Speaking Native American Language

    When Miranda was teaching a classmate to say “posoh” and “ketapanen” on January 19, her teacher scolded her. Native News Network reported her saying “You are not to speak like that! How do I know you’re not saying something bad? How would you like it if I spoke in Polish and you didn’t understand?”

    The words Miranda was chastised for translate to “hello” and “I love you” in Menominee.

    old news, but still gross

    And THIS shows you why most Native American languages are either extinct or endangered.

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